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E.G.O. Jegna Klub Student of the Week

Jegna Klub and are collaborating with Mayor Garners Office to help empower youths to become who and what they want. Each week we will recognize a Kindergarten through college student who is not only excelling academically, athletically (not required), behaviorally, and in attendance, but is also not afraid to stand up and out to take the lead in word and action; not only for their future, but for their school and their community!

This week our EGO (Empowerment Grows Opportunities) Jegna Klub Student of the Week is Cornelius Springfield Jr a 5th grade student at Grant Elementary School in the Kansas City Kansas Public School District. Cornelius Springfield epitomizes the essence of leadership and resilience, making him a shining example of the Jegna Klub Student of the Week. Overcoming adversity, he transformed from chronic absenteeism to achieving six consecutive months of perfect attendance in the 5th grade. As a dedicated member of Connecting The Dottes for three years and an Ambassador for two, Cornelius exhibits unwavering commitment to his academic, athletic, and behavioral excellence. His standout quality lies in his courage to lead, evident in his unanimous selection as Mayor of the School of Economics field trip. Cornelius's impassioned advocacy and stellar speech skills underscore his dedication to empowering both himself and his peers.- Nominated by Administrative Assistant Benitta Jones

Nomination Process:

• Any non-relative adult (21 years or older) can electronically nominate a student by going to ( home page, click Nominate EGO Student of the Week, fill out Nomination Form and submit.

• Nominations must be submitted electronically every Friday by 3:00 pm to be considered for the following week.


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