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Connecting The Dottes to Transform Lives Through True Talk

In the heart of Wyandotte County, a beacon of hope shines bright within the walls of the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC). The Jegna Klub’s True Talk Coaching Program, known affectionately as Connecting the Dottes, is making waves in the lives of detained youth, offering them a pathway to redemption, growth, and a brighter future.

The Connecting The Dottes True Talk Coaching Program is a structured initiative designed to provide juvenile offenders with the tools and support they need to address the underlying issues contributing to their involvement in the criminal justice system. Through open and honest discussions, skill-building exercises, and personal development activities, the program aims to foster positive change and reduce recidivism rates among participants. At its core, the program integrates Social Emotional Learning (SEL) components to equip youth with the emotional intelligence necessary for navigating life's challenges.

On April 10th, esteemed Guest Speaker Bizzy Benton, the creator and operator of 816 Day and KC Where Ya At, graced the program with his presence sharing his insights and experiences with the eager participants. Reflecting on the engagement, Benton remarked, "I was able to connect with the youth on multiple levels, as well as, hopefully, help them see the importance of starting their journey to success early in life." His emphasis on laying the foundation for success early struck a chord with the young minds, inspiring them to plant the seeds of their aspirations and nurture them to fruition.

During his session, Benton emphasized the importance of hard work and perseverance, urging the youth to invest in themselves and their futures. "The more work you put in earlier in life will lead to having to do less work when you get older. Plant the seed and help it grow," Benton reiterated, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees.

Highlighting the significance of such engagement opportunities for detained youth, Benton expressed his belief that programs like Connecting The Dottes should be mandatory for all youth, especially those within detention centers. "Anything helping them see other ways to live a happy and positive life should be welcomed by these detention centers," he affirmed, emphasizing the transformative potential of positive reinforcement and coaching.

Fast forward to April 17th, and True Talk Coaching welcomed yet another distinguished Guest Speaker, Underground Artist delivered by the GRACE of God signed to FaithWorks Productions, Levar Fletcher aka Boy Big. Reflecting on his experience, Fletcher exuded a sense of fulfillment and purpose, stating, "Me being able to speak to those kids gave me life and purpose. It went great." His genuine connection with the youth resonated deeply, igniting sparks of hope and determination within their hearts.

Fletcher's message centered on breaking the cycle of adversity and embracing the possibility of a brighter tomorrow. "Not being another statistic, breaking the cycle, and focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel," Fletcher emphasized, urging the youth to defy expectations and carve out their paths to success.

Recognizing the vital role of such engagement opportunities, Fletcher underscored their importance in providing detained youth with the motivation, inspiration, and belief in their potential to turn their lives around. "Opportunities like this is really important, it gives the youth motivation, inspiration, and a feeling of 'I can turn my life around too," Fletcher emphasized, encapsulating the essence of hope and empowerment that permeates True Talk.

Connecting The Dottes True Talk Coaching Program stands as a beacon of hope and transformation within the Wyandotte County Juvenile Detention Center. Through the unwavering dedication of guest speakers like Bizzy Benton and Levar Fletcher, coupled with the commitment of program facilitators, the program continues to uplift and empower detained youth, equipping them with the tools and resilience needed to overcome adversity and embrace a future filled with promise and opportunity.


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