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The Jegna Klub is a community-based organization that provides education, resources, and support for young people in Kansas City, Kansas. To help ensure its mission is successful, the Jegna Klub relies on the support of local individuals and businesses. There are many ways to help, including donations of items to support the organization's programs and initiatives.

Here are some of the items that people or companies can donate to help support the Jegna Klub:

  • Books for Breakfast & Books: One of the Jegna Klub's programs is Breakfast & Books, which provides students with a nutritious breakfast, books to read, and a safe and fun place to start the day. By donating books to the Jegna Klub, you can help support the educational and emotional development of young people in the community.

  • Professional attire for interns: Another program run by the Jegna Klub is its internship program, which provides young people with real-world work experience. In order to prepare these interns for their professional roles, the Jegna Klub often needs professional attire to outfit them, including dress shirts, dress pants, dress shoes, and more.

  • School supplies: Finally, the Jegna Klub also supports local students by providing them with the school supplies they need to succeed. Donations of pens, paper, backpacks, and other essentials can go a long way in helping young people get the resources they need to succeed.

Donating these items to the Jegna Klub is a great way to support young people in the community and ensure that they have the resources and support they need to succeed. Whether you're an individual, a company, or a community organization, your contributions will make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people in Kansas City, Kansas.

For arrangements, call (913) 721-6570.

Mail items to:

The Jegna Klub

11936 W 119th Street, Suite 188

Overland Park, KS 66213-2216

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