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Connecting The Dottes After School Program Application


Are you interested in being part of a community that helps you become an entrepreneur with a positive mindset? If so, you should check out The Jegna Klub! Our vision is to create a community where individuals can be economically independent and work together harmoniously.


Our Connecting The Dottes After School Programs, for students grades 3-7, focus on career exploration, workforce literacy, fundamentals of economic independence, relationship building/networking, and S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). We blend real-world learning experiences, client-connected projects, guest speakers, field trips, economic independence literacy, and support services to help students learn about different career paths, build their networks, and become well-rounded individuals. To get connected, complete the application below.

Our Other Programs

For secondary students grades 8-12, we also have the Connecting The Dottes Internship Program. This program focuses on teaching job and workforce development in multimedia (digital media, audio engineering, broadcasting, journalism, and marketing). Students get real-world client-connected projects with our online TV network (Jegna Klub TV) that translates into resume building experiences. This helps to build market value assets, build and maintain professional relationships/networks, and be prepared for post-secondary success. . Click here for the Connecting The Dottes Internship Program application.

We have a new program called True Talk Coaching Program. The True Talk program is designed to provide juveniles with Disproportionate Minority Contact with a structured and supportive environment to explore and address the issues related to their contact and or involvement with the juvenile justice system. The program curriculum focuses on engagement through open and honest discussion, skill building, social emotional skills, and personal growth to promote positive change and reduce recidivism. Click here to apply for True Talk Coaching.

The Breakfast & Books Program (Elementary) is an opportunity for Kindergarten through 5th grade students to engage with positive community adult male and female role models, from all types of career fields, in a setting focused on changing their mindset about reading. These adults build positive relationships with the students over breakfast while confidently modeling reading as fun and engaging. This is a great opportunity to change their mindset about reading and life, and to start building a network for success. Click here to request the Breakfast & Books Program at your school.

So, what are you waiting for? Join The Jegna Klub and start your journey to becoming a successful and happy individual!


If you would like help, please contact us.

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