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Empowering Through Dramatic Arts: Unleashing Confidence and Creativity

by Interns Robert, Lee & Khalid with Jegna Klub Journalist Levi Lee

Dramatic Arts, often seen as a realm reserved for the stage and screen, is proving to be a transformative tool beyond the spotlight. Under the guidance of Jabrelle Jenee’—affectionately known as Coach J—students of the Jegna Klub’s Connecting The Dottes Internship Program are discovering the profound impact of dramatic expression on their personal and professional growth.

Every second and fourth Saturday of the month, the echoing halls of the Jegna Klub Headquarters are filled with the vibrant energy of aspiring interns, eager to explore the realms of vocal projection, improvisation, and character development. Coach J, with her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication, is leading the charge, igniting the flames of creativity within each student.

Reflecting on her experience with the interns, Coach J remarks, "It felt amazing! The interns really surprised me with how engaged they were. Made me even more excited for their growth and boosted my confidence in my own abilities to coach them." Her passion for the craft is palpable, driving her commitment to nurturing the talents of tomorrow.

In the realm of dramatic arts, vocal training serves as the cornerstone of skill development. "We are starting with vocal training," explains Coach J. "Teaching the boys how to SPEAK UP and be more clear about what you say. We also worked on some improv." These foundational exercises not only enhance vocal clarity but also foster quick thinking and adaptability—essential skills for navigating the complexities of life.

But the benefits extend far beyond the stage. Dramatic Arts cultivates a myriad of life skills essential for personal and professional success. From confidence and self-esteem to creativity and empathy, students are equipped with the tools needed to advocate effectively for themselves and to navigate an ever-evolving world. "Dramatics Arts with an emphasis on acting will help them see themselves better," Coach J emphasizes. "Boost confidence, and helps them get used to hearing their own voice."

The interns themselves echo Coach J's sentiments, expressing gratitude for the invaluable lessons learned. Robert, one of the interns, shares, "It was good, I enjoyed it! I learned how to talk, how to speak louder. It's helping with my pronunciation." Similarly, Lee reflects, "I felt good, it was fun! Learned about talking and my speech. I see it helping me with talking with other people!"

Even amidst initial nervousness, such as Khalid's admission of feeling nervous, the transformative power of dramatic arts shines through. "I learned to speak proper in a large audience," Khalid reveals. "How I see it helping me in life by helping me be more confident, comfortable with others."

As the curtains rise on each dramatic arts class, a new chapter of growth and empowerment unfolds. Through the guidance of Coach J and the dedication of the interns, the stage is set for a future where confidence reigns supreme, creativity knows no bounds, and the transformative power of dramatic expression continues to shape lives for the better.


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