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Connecting The Dottes Intern Takes Center Stage at Cumulus Media KC Power 105.1 Studio

by Levi Lee

Thomajii Morgan, a bright young talent from Wyandotte County, Kansas, had a day he won't soon forget. As a participant in the Connecting The Dottes Internship Program, Thomajii had the opportunity to step into the spotlight at the Cumulus Media KC Power 105.1 studio and join Coach Mo on the Shay Moore Morning Show for an interview about the upcoming JEGNAFEST 2024 feat The ROC Reunion Tour.

For Thomajii, the experience was nothing short of amazing. "Today's experience was the best thing I've done; it was amazing," he said with excitement. Sitting in the studio and getting to talk on the radio was a dream come true for the young intern.

One thing that stood out for Thomajii was the entire experience of being in the studio and engaging with the radio audience. "The thing that stood out to me was the whole experience being there and getting to talk on the radio," he remarked, still in awe of the opportunity.

When asked if the Dramatic Arts Coaching he received helped him during the interview, Thomajii nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, I really do think it helped me to think fast on my feet and not to let them know if I made a mistake," he explained, highlighting the importance of quick thinking and confidence in such situations.

(To hear the full interview tune into Power 105.1 The Shay Moore Show today, TUESDAY FEBRUARY 27TH)

The Connecting The Dottes Internship Program aims to provide real-world, client-connected, and ongoing service-learning projects for youth, offering them resume-building experiences in multimedia. JEGNAFEST 2024 serves as a prime opportunity for interns like Thomajii to gain firsthand knowledge and real-time learning while adding a platinum recording artist work experience to their resumes. It's akin to on-the-job training, with interns delving into event planning, script writing, acting, producing, directing, video production, audio production, and more.

Coach Mo, who witnessed Thomajii's performance during the interview, expressed his excitement at seeing the young intern put into practice the skills he learned in Dramatic Arts. "I was excited to see Majii putting into practice the things he learned in Dramatic Arts," Coach Mo said, emphasizing Thomajii's eagerness to talk more during the interview and his desire for additional experience. "He will host the Jegna World Radio Show," Coach Mo added, hinting at even more opportunities for Thomajii to shine in the future.

In the grand scheme of building youth for the future, providing real-world learning and resume-building opportunities is essential. These experiences help build confidence, knowledge, and valuable experience for young individuals like Thomajii. Moreover, seeing adults confidently pursuing their passions and thriving professionally sets a powerful example for youth. It's equally important for them to build their networks with individuals who look like them and are excelling in their respective fields.

As Thomajii's journey continues, his experience at Cumulus Media KC Power 105.1 studio serves as a testament to the power of coaching, real-world learning, and the transformative impact of youth empowerment initiatives like the Connecting The Dottes Internship Program.

In Wyandotte County and beyond, bright futures are being shaped, one opportunity at a time. And Thomajii Morgan is undoubtedly one young talent poised to make a lasting impression on the world stage.


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