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  • Breakfast & Books

  • Connect The Dottes (Elementary)

  • Economic Independence Academy (EIA)

M.E. Pearson Elementary School (Tigers)

310 N. 11th Street

Kansas City, KS 66102


M.E. Pearson Elementary School in Kansas City, Kansas is a proud partner of The Jegna Klub, a community of individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset who are dedicated to promoting economic independence and positivity among youth. The Jegna Klub offers a range of programs and services aimed at empowering youth and helping them reach their full potential, and M.E. Pearson is proud to be a part of this mission.

Through its partnership with The Jegna Klub, M.E. Pearson is able to provide its students with access to a range of enriching and educational experiences that they might not otherwise have. The Jegna Klub's programs, such as the Connecting The Dottes Elementary Programs and the Breakfast & Books Klub, offer students hands-on experiences and real-world learning opportunities that help them better understand the connection between their education and their future careers.

In addition, M.E. Pearson benefits from the network of supportive volunteers, staff, and partners who are connected with The Jegna Klub. This network provides additional resources and support for both the school and its students, allowing them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Whether it's through mentorship programs, financial literacy courses, or access to cutting-edge technology and resources, The Jegna Klub is dedicated to empowering youth and making a positive impact on their lives.

M.E. Pearson is proud to be a part of this network, and looks forward to continuing its partnership with The Jegna Klub in the years to come. By working together, the school and The Jegna Klub can help students develop the skills and mindset they need to succeed in their future careers and lead fulfilling lives.

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